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  • Nightmarescape Quiz

    For those who have read the book:
    1.  Who is the first person Curse meets in the Nightmarescape?
    2. What kind of tank does Corporal Nigel drive?
    3. What is the black substance that replaces blood in the Nightmarescape?
    4. Which character was an ecoterrorist in their former life?
    5. How did Curse die in his former life?
    6. What is the name of Curse’s bail bonds partner who was killed in his former life?
    7. Which character used to practice a unique brand of psychotherapy that usually resulted in people committing suicide?
    8. What is Curse’s primary pistol in the first book?
    9. Who are the main enemies of the Archaic Front in the first book?
    10. What kind of vehicle does Kitenge drive?
    11. What is the name of the city that the three main characters visit?
    12. Why does Curse want to return to the former world?
    13. What flammable substance is dropped during the trench fight?
    14. The Plague Faction is comprised of people who died from what?
    15. Which character wields a scythe as their primary weapon?
  • Castrate Epoch Now Available

    Finally, my first short piece is available. For those who haven’t heard me bitching about it, the piece is inspired by the poem of the same title from 100 Reasons. It will be free from July 26-27…or if you actually want to help me out, you could buy it today or tomorrow. At any rate, I hope reading it depresses you as much as writing it did me. On Amazon here: Castrated Epoch castratedepoch_final
  • New Interview with Roma Gray

    Fellow author Roma Gray interviewed me about being a published author. You can find it here: Her collection of novel previews, Gray Shadows Under a Harvest Moon is available now on Amazon.—Treat-ebook/dp/B00UG8U9C0/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1434866456&sr=1-1&keywords=gray+shadows+under+a+harvest+moon&pebp=1434866457516&perid=1WS27TP9ZJWD35AVHE3W Click here to get Gray Shadows Under a Harvest Moon at Amazon  
  • 100 Reasons release May 16, 2015

    Yes…100 Reasons is finally upon us. I’ve been promoting it on Facebook and Twitter…now Goodreads has approved a giveaway. If want to be guaranteed a copy as soon as it goes live, here is the Amazon link:  Trigger warnings include….the entire book. Soon ye shall weep. Post-aortic poetry drenched in blood and bitterness. Have fun.

    Goodreads Book Giveaway

    100 Reasons by T.S. Dann

    100 Reasons

    by T.S. Dann

    Giveaway ends May 16, 2015. See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
    Enter to Win
  • 100 Reasons is coming

    100 Reasons…to do what…read and formulate your own answer. 100 pieces of raving misanthropic prose from the author of Nightamrescape. Advance printed copies available for sale here The ebook will be released on Amazon in May. In the meantime, watch some videos on T.S. Dann’s Youtube channel 100 Reasons
  • What is this…

    Look what we have here…the first printed proof for 100 Reasons:
    100 Reasons proof

  • Nightmarescape now available

    Print copies of Nightmarescape are now available at: Tall Tales Book Shop Gigabites Cafe The eBook is also available through: amazon   nightmarescape-cover-big